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Trump lies about Fauci’s coronavirus advice in heated exchange


President Donald Trump has blamed Dr Anthony Fauci for the country’s coronavirus response at the start of the pandemic by accusing the expert of flip-flopping on his advice to Americans. 

The accusations came during the third presidential debate. 

“I get along very well with Anthony … He said it’s not going to be a problem,” Mr Trump said about the pandemic. “Fauci said don’t wear masks, then he said wear masks!”

Mr Trump claimed that Dr Fauci told the American public the coronavirus pandemic would not be a problem, but that statement is inaccurate. 

On 29 February, Dr Fauci said that the risk of the novel virus was low “right now at this moment”. But he added: “This could change.” 

Dr Fauci, like most experts around the world, also advised against the public wearing masks. This was because the virus was still relatively unknown at the time and there was concern healthcare professionals would not have enough PPE in hospitals. 

The recommendation on mask wearing was changed once it was determined the face shield could help deter the spread of the virus. 

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