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Tiger Woods live score, results, highlights from Friday’s Round 2 at the PGA Championship

If Tiger Woods plays as well on Friday as he did in Round 1 of the 2020 PGA Championship, then he will almost assuredly make the cut and head into weekend play at TPC Harding Park.

Tiger’s first round was inconsistent — understandable, considering it was only his sixth PGA Tour event of the season and first major event in over a year. Despite notching five birdies and displaying some extraordinary short-game finesse, he also suffered three bogies after a few very makeable putts. His drive game left a lot to be desired as well after missing on five straight fairways.

That said, the performance scored a 2-under-par 68, good for a top-20 finish at the conclusion of Tiger’s round. If he can shore up his long and intermediate game after Thursday’s erratic first outing, he should be in position to make the cut comfortably for a run over the final two days of competition.

Sporting News will track Tiger’s second round at the 2020 PGA Championship, providing stats and highlights. Follow below for complete results:

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Tiger Woods score, highlights from Round 2

(Updates in reverse chronological order).

Hole (Par)
Tiger’s score (Overall)
1 (4)
Even (-2)
2 (4)
Even (-2)
3 (3)
1-over par (-1)
4 (5)
1-over par (-1)
5 (4)
1-over par (-1)
6 (4)
1-over par (-1)
7 (4)
1-over par (-1)
8 (3)
1-over par (-1)
9 (4)
2-over par (even)
10 (5)
1-over par (-1)
11 (3)
1-over par (-1)
12 (4)
1-over par (-1)
13 (4)
2-over par (even)
14 (4)
2-over par (even)
15 (4)
3-over par (+1)
16 (4)
2-over par (even)
17 (3)
2-over par (even)
18 (4)

Hole 18: Par 4, 480 yards

Shot 1: Tiger liked that one all the way through — began walking with the ball in the air. Nice little stinger that sters clear of the bunkers.

Hole 17: Par 3, 171 yards

Shot 1: Tiger goes with the 7-iron and lands the ball flat about 35 feet from the hole.
Shot 2: Decent putt stops a couple feet short of the hole and doesn’t backtrack on the slope — probably worried he might overshoot it.
Shot 3: And he sinks it for par. Anything better than a double bogey gets Tiger into weekend play.

16: Par 4, 336 yards (birdie)

Shot 1: Tiger hits the right end of the fairway, which puts him in decent position to the hole.
Shot 2: A not-bad wedge gets Tiger on the green where it rolls slightly back toward the hole. Looking at a 6- or 7-footer from here.
Shot 3: Birdie — and a much-needed one at that. Tiger could have used a couple more of those today.

Hole 15: Par 4, 401 yards (bogey)

Shot 1: He smokes it. Great drive off the tee on 15, lands 154 yards from the hole.
Shot 2: He overshoots the green by a mile, lands in the rough on the far side. That’ll be a tough up-and-down from there; He’s got a steep bank to work against and not a lot of green.
Shot 3: Sure enough, Tiger sends the chip flying by. He’ll have a 30-, 35-foot attempt just for par.
Shot 4: Just missed it right. Tough break. Bogey attempt upcoming.
Shot 5: Bogey. That puts Tiger at 1-over for the tournament and right on the cut line.

Hole 14: Para 4, 470 yards (par)

Shot 1: It’s way, way right, beyond the rough. He’ll need to regroup here — he still has five holes to keep within the cut.
Shot 2: Tiger’s back on the fairway but short and left of the green. He’ll need an up-and-down for par.
Shot 3: Tiger chips it within about 3 feet for standard par attempt.
Shot 4: Par it is. Tiger has four more holes to work with.

Hole 13: Par 4, 472 yards (bogey)

Shot 1: Tiger’s drive curves right, barely clears the bunker and stays on the right of the fairway.
Shot 2: He can’t hit a putt longer than 4 feet but Tiger sure can’t help but hit those bunkers. Same on 13, where it bounces and jumps in short and left.
Shot 3: Missed it right. Just awful short game today.
Shot 4: Tap-in bogey.

Hole 12: Par 4, 494 yards (par)

Shot 1: A little right, into the rough. Nothing Tiger can’t come back from.
Shot 2: Tiger’s approach flirts with the green but settles in the rough a little right of the hole. Tough position to maneuver out of there.
Shot 3: Nice little chip misses left but gives Tiger a manageable 4-foot par attempt — but he hasn’t made one from beyond 3 feet today.
Shot 4: And he has it — longest putt of the day, 4 feet, for par.

Hole 11: Par 3, 200 yards (par)

Shot 1: Tiger hits the front of the green but can’t quite clear the lip. He’ll have 30-35 feet on the birdie attempt.
Shot 2: Beautiful putt but it just misses the lip. Two-putt par coming up but that was a great look.
Shot 3: An exceptionally disappointing par.

Hole 10: Par 5, 562 yards (birdie)

Shot 1: Nice drive to start the back nine. Tiger can regroup with a much-needed birdie on the par-5 10th.
Shot 2: Tiger hits the front of the green but doesn’t get it far enough to stay — it rolls back a few feet to the fringe.
Shot 3: Lag putt lands 7 feet from the hole. Not ideal considering his short game woes this round.
Shot 4: Birdie! A much-needed hole that distances Tiger a little from the cut line.

Hole 9: Par 4, 515 yards (bogey)

Shot 1: Tiger didn’t like that one from the outset. Drive goes wide right into the bunker.
Shot 2: Bunker. To. Bunker. He hits it off the left of the green.
Shot 3: Put too much spin on it. He’s looking at 14 feet for par.
Shot 4: Missed it left. He’ll have a 2-over 37 for the front nine. He has 17 putts thus far that cover 12 feet. Yeesh.
Shot 5: Bogey.

Hole 8: Par 3, 251 yards (par)

Shot 1: Good drive lands center of the green where it rolls downhill 27 feet from the hole. Two-putt par best bet here.
Shot 2: Decent look at birdie but it falls short about a foot and didn’t break quite enough. Not the worst here on the tough Hole 8, though.
Shot 3: Par it is.

Hole 7: Par 4, 340 yards (par)

Shot 1: Tiger’s in his third bunker this round, short and left of the green.
Shot 2: He’s barely on the green after a hard first bounce but is looking at a 12-footer for birdie, slightly downhill from the pin.
Shots 3, 4: Tiger off the mark again, this time left of the hole. Gotta settle for the two-putt par.

Hole 6: Par 4, 472 yards (par)

Shot 1: Tiger’s on the fairway, so at least there’s no issue there. He’s 194 yards from the hole on the right side of the fairway.
Shot 2: On the green, but he left plenty of space — roughly 30 feet — for birdie.
Shot 3: Was going wide the whole way. Tiger can’t buy a putt today, though he didn’t do himself any favors with his approach. He’ll end up with a 2-foot par attempt.
Shot 4: And it’s in for par.

Hole 5: Par 4, 436 yards (par)

Shot 1: Tiger hits a nice stinger down the left side of the fairway. Onward.
Shot 2: Another good approach lands Tiger within 10 feet of birdie. He doesn’t need this per se, but will definitely want to get back to even for the round.
Shots 3, 4: And now it’s just right of the pin — you can see the disappointment on his face after that one. Another tap-in par through his fifth hole.

Hole 4: Par 5, 607 yards (par)

Shot 1: Aggressive drive from Tiger clears the trees at the bend and lands on the left side of the fairway, 286 yards from the hole. Looking to get that shot back here on the par-5.
Shot 2: And Tiger’s in the bunker again, short and right of the green. Can’t be happy with that but birdie is still in play.
Shot 3: Tiger’s on the green, about 6 feet downhill from the pin. Very makeable attempt coming up.
Shots 4, 5: It lips out. He really needed that early but will have to settle for the walk-in par.

Hole 3: Par 3, 185 yards (bogey)

Shot 1: Tiger’s in the bunker right of the green. Those winds seem to be affecting shots today. He’ll need an up-and-down for par here.
Shot 2: Tiger’s on the green, but the ball rolls to about 8 feet for par.
Shot 3: It’s left all the way again. Missing on the short game today.

Shot 4: Bogey.

Hole 2: Par 4, 446 yards (par)

Shot 1:Tiger’s drive is a little right of the fairway into the second cut of rough.
Shot 2: Tiger, approaching from about 170 yards out, lands just short of the green. He’s looking at an up-and-down for par.
Shot 3: Excellent chip and Tiger’s looking at a 2-foot par attempt.
Shot 4: Tap-in par.

Hole 1: Par 4, 390 yards (par)

Shot 1: Tiger hits the left fairway with a slight stinger, 301 yards from the hole. Good start after his issues there in Round 1.
Shot 2: Tiger wedges a beautiful approach and lands within 10 feet of a birdie attempt.
Shots 3, 4: The 7-foot birdie attempt stays left all the way — a missed opportunity there. Tiger settles for a walk-in par to start the day.

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