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The biggest bombshells from week 3 of the Johnny Depp trial

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The Talk – Depp V. Heard Trial ‘Aquaman’ Petition; Elon Musk, Public Opinion

Variety’s Elizabeth Wagmeister discusses the Johnny Depp v. Amber Heard defamation trial and the impact it could have on the actors’ careers. “Johnny Depp as we all know, is one of the biggest stars in Hollywood history…he has led numerous franchises. Now we all know that he was not asked back to the ‘Pirates’ franchise…he was also dropped from the ‘Fantastic Beast’ franchise. That was right after that libel case over in the UK a few years ago. So, for Johnny Depp it appears he’s not working a lot. He is working overseas, but he’s no longer Mr. Hollywood…now for Amber Heard, she’s one of the stars of ‘Aquaman’. There’s actually a second film that’s coming out. It’s already been completely filmed, but right now as we speak, there’s a petition that has 2 million signatures from people saying, Johnny Depp’s fans are saying; Amber Heard should be pulled from that movie…it’s already been filmed, it would cost hundreds of millions, and a producer actually has previously said, we are not going to take that into account. She’s staying in the film. “Natalie Morales adds, “It just seems like there’s no winning in this situation. I mean, it seems like both sides are at a huge loss.

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