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Pistons fans hate seeing Michael Jordan’s Jumpman logo on Detroit uniforms

As if ending the “Bad Boys” era wasn’t painful enough, here comes Michael Jordan to once again stomp all over the hearts of Pistons fans.

Nike announced Tuesday that Jordan Brand’s famous Jumpman logo will appear on the Statement Edition uniforms of every NBA team starting with the 2020-21 season. The Hornets have worn Jordan Brand uniforms since 2017 — an easy decision given that Jordan is the majority owner of the franchise — but the presence of the Jumpman logo on the right shoulder of the jersey and left leg of the short is not exactly a welcome sight for every team.

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Exhibit A: Just check out the Pistons’ Statement Edition jersey. Jordan’s battles with Isiah Thomas, Bill Laimbeer and rest of the Pistons from the late 1980s and early 1990s make this visual just … so … wrong.

Pistons Statement Edition jersey

Detroit’s new look opened the door for an easy meme from ESPN’s documentary series “The Last Dance.” Go ahead and give Jordan that iPad.

Some Pistons supporters pointed out Jordan’s personal feud with Thomas and noted that Jordan is widely considered to be the main culprit behind Thomas’ exclusion from the 1992 Team USA roster. Ouch.

How can the Pistons wear a Jordan logo after him trashing the Bad Boys and blackballing Isiah off the Dream Team?

This seems like sacrilege.#BadBoys#DetroitBasketball

— *JD* Sports Tweets (@JDSportsTweets) July 21, 2020

Others simply hated the idea of having Jordan be part of the Pistons’ uniforms in any way. The rivalry between those Bulls and Pistons teams was quite ugly until Chicago finally ended Detroit’s reign atop the Eastern Conference, so the complaints are understandable.

Barf. Having the logo of the guy that trashed the Bad Boys isn’t a good look

— Chris Lewless (@MSULew18) July 21, 2020

Why would the Pistons want the logo of the man who ended the Bad Boys on their jersey?

— Kellen Dangler (@Dangles_jangles) July 21, 2020

Disgrace to the bad boys

— Trevor TerBurgh (@Burgh_10) July 21, 2020

Jordan logo on a Pistons jersey just doesn’t sit right with me.

— Joseph Aronoff (@jaronoff38) July 21, 2020

Maybe we need something that looks a little bit more natural. How about this?

Yep, that works just fine.

As for all the Pistons fans out there, uh, throwback jerseys are available?

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