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Nurse praised for stopping to deliver homeless woman’s baby in Philippines

A nurse is being celebrated as a hero in the Philippines after she helped a homeless woman deliver her baby safely on Tuesday.

Lorrainne Pingol, 29, was on her way to work at a health maintenance organization in the Metro Manila region, but was flagged down by Bgy. Bangkal rescue team members for the medical emergency, according to a report from ABS-CBN News.

Pingol, who was already running late on her hourlong walk to work, was led to the unidentified woman on the sidewalk of Osmeña Highway.

“There was no other person to help them but me at that period of time, so I helped,” she told the local news outlet. “Maybe God really intended for me to wake up late, so I could help the mother.”

The rescue team members at the scene were all men and reportedly did not have qualifications to help the mother deliver her baby. Pingol, on the other hand, had some experience in assisting births. It had been around a decade, however, since she had done so.

Still, Pingol delivered the baby, cut the umbilical cord and helped the placenta pass from the mother.

Typically, rescue team members bring pregnant mothers to nearby hospitals to give birth but in this instance they had to act fast, according to village councilman Christian Jacinto, who was at the scene as a member of the team.

When they saw Pingol in her white nurse uniform, the team immediately sought her help. They told ABS-CBN News that they were impressed by how calm she was under pressure.


Once the job was complete, Pingol left. The mother and newborn were transported to a hospital in an ambulance.

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