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MLB standings 2020: Updated playoff bracket, magic numbers as of Sept. 24

Sixteen of baseball’s 30 franchises will qualify for the 2020 postseason, which means every team within sniffing distance of the .500 mark will have at least a puncher’s chance of reaching October as we head into the final few weeks of September.

It’s a convoluted setup. If you want the full setup, this is your happy place. Here, we’re going to update the playoff seeds on a daily basis, so here’s the very basic seeding structure. 

The first three seeds (1-3) in each league will go to division winners, ordered by record. The second trio of seeds (4-6) goes to the second-place finishers in each division, ordered by record. The final two seeds (7-8) go to the two wild-card teams.

Got it? 

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MLB standings 2020

American League playoff bracket

Standings updated after games on Sept. 24

Rays (E1), 37-20, .649Twins (C1), 35-22, .614A’s (W1), 34-22, .607White Sox (C2), 34-23, .596 Yankees (E2), 32-25, .561Astros (W2), 29-28, .509Indians (WC1), 33-24, .579Blue Jays (WC2), 30-27, .526

American League wild-card standings

WC1: Indians, 33-24, .579WC2: Blue Jays, 30-27, .526


Angels, 26-31, .456, 4 games back of second WCMariners, 25-31, .446, (ELIMINATED)Royals, 24-33, .421, (ELIMINATED)Orioles, 24-33, .421, (ELIMINATED)Tigers, 22-33, .400, (ELIMINATED)Red Sox, 22-35, .386, (ELIMINATED)Rangers, 19-38, .333, (ELIMINATED)

American League current Wild-Card Series matchups

No. 1 Rays vs. No. 8 Blue JaysNo. 2 Twins vs. No. 7 IndiansNo. 3 A’s vs. No. 6 AstrosNo. 4 White Sox vs. No. 5 Yankees

National League playoff bracket

Standings updated after games on Sept. 24

Dodgers (W1), 40-17, .702Braves (E1), 34-23, .596Cubs (C1), 32-25, .561Padres (W2), 34-22, .607Cardinals (C2), 28-26, .519Marlins (E2), 29-28, .509Reds (WC2), 29-28, .509Giants (WC1), 28-28, .500

National League wild-card standings

WC1: Reds, 29-28, .509WC2: Giants, 28-28, .500


Phillies, 28-29, .491, 0.5 game back of second WCBrewers, 27-29, 491, 1 backMets, 26-31, .456, 2.5 backRockies, 25-31, .446, 3 backNationals, 23-34, .404, (ELIMINATED)Diamondbacks, 22-34, .393, (ELIMINATED)Pirates, 18-39, .316, (ELIMINATED)

National League Wild-Card Series matchups

No. 1 Dodgers vs. No. 8 GiantsNo. 2 Braves vs. No. 7 RedsNo. 3 Cubs vs. No. 6 MarlinsNo. 4 Padres vs. No. 5 Cardinals

MLB magic numbers for 2020

What is a magic number? It’s the combination of games a team needs to win and/or its closest competitor needs to lose to clinch a playoff spot. The smaller the number, the better. Because of the complicated nature of the 2020 playoff field, there are separate magic numbers to clinch a division and to clinch a wild-card spot. Info comes from @MLBMagNum on Twitter. 

Updated through games of Sept. 24

AL East
Rays, CLINCHED division
Yankees, x/CLINCHED
Blue Jays, x/CLINCHED
Orioles, x/12
Red Sox, x/x

AL Central
White Sox, 4/CLINCHED
Indians, 6/CLINCHED
Tigers, x/x
Royals, x/x

AL West
A’s, CLINCHED division
Astros, x/1
Angels, x/6
Mariners, x/x
Rangers, x/x

NL East
Braves, CLINCHED division
Marlins, x/2
Phillies, x/5
Mets, x/6
Nationals, x/x

NL Central
Cardinals, 8/4
Reds, x/3
Brewers, x/6
Pirates, x/x

NL West
Dodgers, CLINCHED division
Padres, x/CLINCHED
Giants, x/4
Rockies, x/8
Diamondbacks, x/x

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