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LSU players ‘can’t breathe’ in full-face helmet shields

The LSU football team has introduced a face-shield helmet for their players to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus during the pandemic — but the new “splash shields” are not going over well with the players.

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Here’s how some of the players reacted after trying on the helmets for the first time inside the team’s locker room.

WARNING: Tweets, videos contain NSFW language.

LSU LB Soni Fonua wearing his COVID face shield helmet: “I can’t fucking breathe under this thing!”

Senior offensive lineman Austin Deculus: “It’s like breathing in a Ziploc bag.”

— Master (@MasterTes) August 2, 2020

“I can’t f—ing breathe under this thing,” LSU linebacker Soni Fonua said.

“It’s like breathing in a Ziploc bag,” offensive lineman Austin Deculus said in response.

Here’s how Twitter reacted to the shields:

The Southeastern Conference has announced it will play a 10-game conference only schedule in 2020 with games scheduled to start on Sept. 26.

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