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Kyler Murray is very upset with his low Madden 21 rating: ‘I thought y’all were joking’

Kyler Murray is sensing a bit of disrespect.

The Cardinals quarterback is entering his second year — and his second appearance in the Madden NFL franchise — and figured to be a lock for a much improved quarterback in this year’s game.

Instead, Murray ranked 21st among QBs with a 77 overall rating — pretty low if you consider his physical talents and decent production in 2019. On Thursday during ESPN’s “First Take,” Murray kept his cool, but clearly wasn’t happy about such a low score.

“Honestly, I thought y’all were joking when you said that,” Murray said. “I ended the year at a 77. I can’t really say everything I want to say on the air right now, but I kind of take it as disrespect, but it is what it is. Like I said, I’ll let my play speak for itself, so hopefully it’ll bump up during the year.”

kyler murray’s on first take trying to be cool about his 77 overall madden rating and he ain’t foolin nobody.

— bomani (@bomani_jones) July 16, 2020

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Murray says he’s spoken with people who work on the long-running football sim video game, and he’s let them know his complaints about the series. (Maybe the lack of a decent franchise mode?)

“I’m really shocked that I’m a 77 overall. I don’t really know what to say. Ah, man. That’s tough.”

But Murray understands that he’s not exactly in 99 Club overall. Serving up just a bit of humble pie to … himself? … when he said where he thinks he should have ranked overall in the game.

“At least in the 80s,” he said. … “Someone in the Madden office is trying to hold me back.”

The Cardinals quarterback is coming off a strong rookie season in which he exhibited his throwing strength and speed, two of his best traits in Madden ’21. He has a 91 overall speed rating along with a 90 throw power rating. None of this reaction comes as a surprise, though, since Murray is pretty vocal about ratings in the video game over the last few days during the ratings release on ESPN.

Considering that Murray ranks just a single point higher than rookie QB Joe Burrow — who has yet to take a snap in the NFL — and a few points higher than Dolphins’ rookie Tua Tagovailoa, maybe he’s got a point.

Madden ratings wax and wane throughout the year, so look for Murray to make good on his words to end up with a higher rating by the end of the season. That could be a great thing for Murray, but a very bad thing for the rest of the NFC West.

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