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ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith ‘proud’ of Bucks-led boycott over Jacob Blake shooting

ESPN host and commentator Stephen A. Smith on Wednesday praised NBA players’ “sacrifice” to make a statement about Black lives, specifically the shooting this week of Jacob Blake in Wisconsin.

“Proud of the NBA players. Can’t say enough,” Smith said in a video posted from his Twitter account. “This is what it’s all about: sacrifice, ’cause that’s what they’ll be doing.” 

Smith added that the Bucks decided not to play a playoff game against the Magic even though they knew there would be financial consequences.

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“You know the (TV) network’s going to lose money, so as a result the league is going to lose money. As a result, the owners are going to lose money. As a result, they’re going to make sure the players lose money. It [doesn’t] matter.

“That’s what the players boycotting these games, that’s what they’re saying: It doesn’t matter because there are things that are more important. Our (Black) people is more important than money. That’s what they’re saying.”

Milwaukee’s move resulted in the NBA postponing all three scheduled playoff games Wednesday: Bucks-Magic, Thunder-Rockets and Lakers-Trail Blazers. No makeup dates have been announced.

NBA players met Wednesday night to discuss what to do going forward. There were reports the Lakers and Clippers intended to boycott the remainder of the postseason, but no decisions have been made.

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