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2020 Fantasy Football cheat sheet, rankings, sleepers, auction values, team names, draft tips

If your goal is to win your league — and your goal should always be to win your league — then our 2020 fantasy football cheat sheet has everything you need. Obviously, we have rankings (PPR, Standard, and Superflex), tiers, projected dollar values, sleepers, busts, mock drafts, and snake draft strategy/auction tips — you know, the stuff  you’d expect from any cheat sheet — but we go deeper with the best fantasy team names, IDP rankings/advice, best ball tips, COVID-19-related opt-outs and rule change suggestions, and much more.

Regardless of where you play (ESPN, Yahoo, CBS, Sleeper, etc.) or what your league settings are, we’ll have you covered.

Week 1 kicks off on Thursday, Sept. 10 with the Texans and Chiefs, and we’ll be continuing to produce new content and adding links below right up until kickoff. Bookmark this page or check back often (or follow SN Fantasy on Twitter). There’s more to come!


Cheat Sheet: Fantasy football rankings

Top 200: Because we know you can’t wait, we’ll just tell you now: Austin Hooper is No.94.

Quarterbacks: Lamar Jackson vs. Patrick Mahomes is a fun debate for the top spot, though paying up to draft one isn’t quite as fun. (Click here for QB tiers)

Running backs: Unlike with Hooper above, you have to click to find out where Clyde Edwards-Helaire is ranked. (Can’t give ’em all away!) (Click here for RB tiers)

Wide receivers: The top five could all easily be No. 1. After that, things get a little more complicated. (Click here for WR tiers)

Tight ends: Yes, we meant to put Rob Gronkowski that low. (Click here for TE tiers)

Defense/special teams: This position always finishes exactly as expected, so you can take these to the bank.

Kickers: If you only read one set of rankings ahead of the 2020 season, do not make it these kicker rankings. That would be stupid as hell.

Superflex Top 200: Why be in a league where you can only play one QB when you could be in a league where you can play two?

IDP: Why be in a league where you can’t play any defensive players when you can be in a league that plays several? Oh, right — because it’s way easier.

Rookies: A bunch of stud backs are fighting for No. 2 behind CHE. Who’s worth going after in redraft and dynasty leagues?

Offensive lines: You’re not drafting any of these O-lines, but you are drafting the players who depend on them. Know the best and worst.

Comparing Yahoo and ESPN rankings: Coming soon

Fantasy football PPR rankings

Top 200: Austin Hooper is ranked No. 95 here. Man, why are you guys so into Austin Hooper?

Running back: If only every down was third down…

Wide receiver: Can Julian Edelman still be Mr. PPR even though Tom Brady left him for warmer weather in Tampa?

Tight end: Basically the same as our standard TE rankings, only with a price reduction on Mark Andrews. 

Superflex Top 200: QBs generally move down in PPR, but they move way up in Superflex. Talk about worlds colliding…

Players who gain value in PPR: You know about the third-down backs and possession receivers who move up, but don’t forget about studs who go from good to great.

Players who lose value in PPR: Normally touchdowns and big plays are a good thing, but not if you rely on them too much.

Fantasy football sleepers

One from every team: Anthony Miller? Again? You’re damn right Anthony Miller is on here again — and he’ll continue to be until he does something or retires.

Quarterbacks: We have two Super Bowl-losing QBs, three sophomores, and two rookies. Quite a mix.

Running backs: It’s not easy choosing the best first name on this list, but Ryquell and Ke’Shawn are up there. Last place? Matt.

Wide receivers: We have a lot of rookies and sophomores on this list, as well as a guy who won some fantasy leagues as a waiver pickup last year.

Tight ends: This might be the first TE sleeper list in history that includes a third-string quarterback.

Defense/special teams: The season-long sleeper picks are nice, but the list of D/STs with favorable opening weeks is even more helpful if you’re a streamer (which you should be).

Draft-day steals: Coming soon

All-Sleeper Team: Coming soon

Fantasy football tiers and draft strategy

Quarterbacks: If you “wait on quarterback,” who can realistically expect to get? 

Running backs: Let’s face it — Tier 1 should probably just be one or two players, but we went nine deep because we were feeling generous. 

Wide receivers: The first three guys in Tier 3 go by their initials. That doesn’t have anything to do with anything, but kinda cool, right?

Tight ends: George Kittle and Travis Kelce will probably be gone by the end of the second round. Then what happens at this position?

Defense/special teams: Coming soon

IDP guide: If you’ve never played in an IDP league before, this is a must-read; If you have…read it anyway. 

Snake draft tips: You are guaranteed to win your league if you follow these draft tips. (Not a joke. Real guarantee. Seriously)

Fantasy football mock draft

Mock Draft Simulator: You can test out every possible draft strategy in minutes with FantasyPros’ fully customizable mock draft simulator. 

12-Team standard league: Apparently, you can wait until the ninth and 10th rounds to draft your TE and QB and still get two studs.

12-Team PPR league: Austin Ekeler, Kareem Hunt, and James White? Talk about putting the “R” in “PPR.”

Fantasy football busts

Do Not Draft List: Coming soon

Boom-or-Bust Team: We hate on some good players here, but the most venom is saved for our kicker pick. Who knew Robbie Gould inspired such passion?

Fantasy football dollar value projections and auction advice

Dollar values: For the price of one Christian McCaffrey, you can get two Chris Carsons and have some money left over.

Strategy tips: If you ever complained about math class in high school, you’ll take it all back after realizing how it can help you in an auction draft.

Fantasy football best ball strategy tips

Best Ball draft advice: It’s not as simple as “draft the best players.” Well, actually, it kind of is, but you probably won’t draft the best players, so it’s smart to have a backup plan.

Fantasy football team names

Best team names: This year’s rookies inspire some good ones (“Fresh Prince of Helaire,” “Call of Jeudy,” “Batman and Dobbins”) to go with a ton of classics

Additional fantasy football help

Player updates: You’re gonna need these more than ever this year because of, you know, the global pandemic thing that’s going on. 

RB handcuff chart: We’ve expanded our chart this year to list more backups because chances are you’ll need them at some point.

Available targets and touches: When a player leaves a team, he doesn’t take his touches and targets with him. See who could claim them this year. 

Position battles: Does Nick Foles vs. Mitchell Trubisky really matter? Yes, actually, it does. 

COVID-19 reserve/opt-out list: See key players who have opted out this year, as well as players who have already been on the COVID-19 reserve list.

Advice for format/rule changes in response to the pandemic: This is going to be a crazy season, so it’s not a bad idea to consider some of these rule/format changes for your league.

College fantasy football rankings

Top 200: Coming soon

NFL Picks Advice

Pool strategy tips: Coming soon

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